A Glowing woman can help other 
Women glow and still be lit.

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I'm Denise! creator of Shades of her, a place to Empower the soul & beauty of all women . It was created for those who do not believe broken crayons still color and everything has beauty

I consider myself to be a very creative person and as a freelance makeup/hair stylist beauty has always been a passion of mine. As a mom with of four boys, I am obsessed photo-taker of anything, I love capturing and creating timeless moments. 


Aside from my passion of helping woman look good. I wanted to create an outlet of Hope for women to feel good on the inside too which is why I created my blog. To Empower & Inspire you when you feel lost. And because I truly believe when you feel good, you look good. I wanted to use my beauty experience and do more by creating a team of women who can help you look and feel your best as well. From Mommy Make Overs, to Full out Glam .


Denise Marie 


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