Beauty By Shadesofher


Hola! Mi Gente, my name is Denise and I am the  creator of Shades of her. A brand that stands to Empower the soul & beauty of all women . To me, beauty is about enhancing what you already have and just letting yourself shine through. 


Shades of her, to me represents the many versions of ourselves, how they are all part of who we are from the good and ugly moments. For the women who,  do not believe broken crayons still color and for the women who just need help magnifying the beauty that already exists.

I grew up watching my mom complete her cosmetology career and through my childhood I admired everything she did with from  her hair, makeup, nails, and just how she took care of herself. My mom is beautiful, but when she put on makeup it gave her a confidence that created a passion in me for the beauty industry.

I simply loved creating new makeup looks, transformations and just making people feel pretty on the outside too. I wanted to create an outlet of Hope for women to feel good on both the  inside/outside too which is why I created my blog.

To Empower & Inspire you when you feel lost. And because I truly believe when you feel good, you glow


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