2019 Thoughts

I've had years that changed me, years that broke me but nothing like this year. 2019 opened my eyes to everything and everyone. It was like an overview of my entire life...the most realest time ever. Analyzing who I was then and who I am now. And I can admit I was toxic to some and a blessing to others... I am willing to admit I wasn't always in the right. One of the many lessons 2019 taught me was to Live by accepting your truth.

The biggest lessons you can give yourself is to Live by experiencing it all. Pain and Pleasure, Happiness & Heartbreaks, Smiles and Tears.If you want to properly heal from anything in your life, then you need to give yourself permission to feel. Self-Love begins with Self-Awareness, and when you become aware of triggers, you take back control and power others have on you. You find out who you are and support yourself. And YES, you might disappoint some people, but so be it, never dilute and water yourself, learn to Love who you are.

My story is mine, and its been messy, chaotic, amazing, hurtful and a never ending chain of events. A journey of ups and downs but you know what the best part is? it's still unfinished! Confidently, I know I am one bad ass with a huge heart and a big mouth who strongly believes in God and herself. I am not for everyone, and I unapologetically have no fear in how I am perceived. A LOT of things in life changed me, and I am not the same person as years ago and if you knew me then, you do not know me now. I thrive on solitude, because I've learned in the absence of noise I find grace. I also listen to my soul and anything that costs me my peace, I will let go without a second thought, no matter who or what it is. Some may not like it or agree and well that's okay you are entitled to your opinion , just remember its YOUR opinion not a Fact. There is a such thing a AGREE to DISAGREE people, please learn it. I've learned that strength comes from what you think you can't do or overcome. I am still writing my story and I Live by believing I am exactly where I am supposed to be and the best is yet to come. So with that being said...

"I pray that God blesses each one of you reading this, I hope God does something new and grand in your life and heals any part of you hurting. Wishing you a heart full of Happiness & Happy Holidays and Happy New Year."


Denise Marie

Shades of Her

"May the tears you cried in 2019 water the seeds you're planting for 2020." -Unknown

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