2019 Wealth Expo Experience

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So, as you can gather by the video, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Real Estate Wealth Expo last weekend. And its crazy how things always work itself out and fall into place, because this event had been all over social media and when I first saw it, I thought I really want to go. Weeks passed, and I didn’t buy my ticket, but I just had this strong urge that I needed to go. In conversation with my cousin I mentioned it and she said she was going, and I thought I have no one to go with but I just didn’t care I just thought buy the ticket and go. Long story short, she reached out to me to ask If I wanted to go with her on the second day because you could transfer tickets and she had one available.

I tell you this story to say, “Trust the timing of your life” and know that God will put you where you are meant to be without you worrying about how you are going to get there. God knew I wanted to go but financially I couldn’t, but I had the will and faith. For those who don’t know it yet, where there is will and faith, God will always create a way.

Blessed to be given the opportunity to hear Pit bull's life story, from A negative to a Positive and for those who think, he is “Just a singer” that is an understatement and you would be playing yourself. I learned so much from him, a man raised by women with faith instilled in him created a life for himself and others. He talked about his first memories of what entrepreneurship was seeing the drug dealers and how they turned nothing into something. So, used that example to interpret in his life thinking well how I turn my passion into something. Part of getting to where you need to be in having a great support system which he mentioned was important, learning when to listen and be silent and even let go. Knowing when the timing is right, it will happen just believe in yourself even when others don’t because you never know who’s watching. His way of thinking is more positive then negative because he takes every word that tells you “you can’t” and flips it to an I can.

Pit bull said Couldn’t means Could. Can’t means, I can. Impossible means “Possible”. It just all starts with believing in you and your outlook.

When he referred to money can’t buy happiness, he states “Money does buy happiness if you give away. And I love that because I am a true believer that when you give the blessings you receive from God are so priceless because the inner rewards you receive cannot be bought.

And if none of the above words inspired you, Trent Shelton came in and swept you away with “The greatest you. Another talented, authentic man who was told No several times about becoming a speaker because he was such an introvert. No one believed he could do it, but he did. He talks about the days he went live with 2 views and to others it’s a joke but we all start somewhere and look at him now.

Both men with different backgrounds were told No several times and the one thing they have in common is that they didn’t listen to others and allowed the disbelievers to stop them. They followed their passion and when you do that, the money comes later if you always start from the heart. I hope you take the words they spoke, the words I wrote and know that’s its never too late to become the best version of you, do not allow any one or anything stop you from becoming the person God created you to be.

With love,

Denise Marie


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