9 Easy, Homemade Great Gift Ideas for Him that are FREE or Less than $5 to make.

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

You the shit Babe, Love you ;P

Let's face it, They would totally laugh and love it! My man calls the bathroom " The office " LOL so I know he would laugh and appreciate the quick love note .

Lets take it a step further LOL

At this point, lets add on to the post it note and give him something to read while he sits in " The office" and handles the business. PS! I can not help but laugh as i write this blog becuase it is way too close to home lol .

Let's just decorate the entire bathroom

At this point, we are decorating " The office" with all household products, making our men feel special with love notes and Q-Tips Designs?? YES! Why not! i bet you he's never been loved like that before lol.

Keep it going!

Okay! At this point, you have set this whole scenario up for him the night before Valentines so when he wakes up "The office" is ready. So, now while hes handling the business, go to his car and post another sticky note on his mirror, Guaranteed to make him smile when he gets in the car.

Coupons Anyone?

Coupons are NOT for just saving money! No wayyy, Get creative and type up or create unique coupons for him to use on any occasion.

Coupon Ideas: -Breakfast in bed ,Blowjobs, Morning Sex, Quickies, Dress as a maid and be his Slave for a day.

Open When Letters..

This is something a bit more personal and goes beyond Valentines Day, but is a great way to show your appreciation to him. The idea is to create a series of " Open When" letters that you write to him personally expressing to him how you feel about him in different ways. Tell him a secret, something he may have never known.. or tell him something about your relationship that you love or hold close to your heart. These letters are a way to be intimate without being physically, in these letters you talk to his heart. As a mom of four boys its hard to get time for us to go out or even talk. So this gives you an opportunity to tell him things you may have never been able to tell him.

Letter Ideas: Open when your having a bad day, we argue, you don't feel good enough, need a pick me up, remember who you are, what i love about you, I admire you because etc... You get the idea.

6 pack of beer

If your man is a drinker then this is the Perfect Cheap gift for any drinker, the 6 packs usually cost between 6-7 howeverrr they do have the 4 pack of Heineken Cans that i get babe and that's about $5! Pop on a sticky or create a homemade card and tape it on for a good sit , relax and enjoy kinda moment.

Construction Paper , Candy and a Marker is all you need for this gift. Roll up some candy in construction paper and hand write a quick love note and TADA! Happy Vday baby! lol


Listen! A little potty mouth never hurt anyone , besidesssssss your man is the one you can talk dirty too LOL so go for it! I aimed for something that is very much me ;P but then softened up when you open it and the inside I wrote him a poem about when we first met ending it with something that says "Istillchooseyou. I can be hardcore and soft at the same-time lol.

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