Broken Prayers

Having the strength to overcome many of life's obstacles is hard, and sometimes it takes a toll on us, For me, Sometimes I focus so much on distracting myself from it all. When I feel disappointed, hurt or betrayal I tend to isolate myself from everything and everyone. It's how I protect myself. However, It can get overwhelming and instead of focusing on my mission, I lose sight of my purpose. Sometimes, you get in your own way and your mind gets so cluttered, you cant see clear. Because I carry it well, doesn't mean it isn't heavy. #BrokenPrayers for me is that moment of having so much to say and feel but not feeling good enough about any of it. So on days you don't feel "enough" Listen to this song and say this simple prayer:

"God, please give me a bigger vision for my life.Help me to believe that my purpose is bigger than what I understand, and to trust that your view of me and my future is bigger than what I can visually see myself." @shadesofher #BuiltforHurricanes #FaithinGod #FaithoverFear

"When I'm hurt and at my worst, you meet me there, cause you see the beauty in my broken prayers" - Riley Clemmons

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