Dear No One, 6.22.20

Have you ever wanted to say so many things, but felt you couldn't. Here's your chance, on the "Dear No one Journey. I write to every moment in my life. To every grief in my heart old or new. To the happy tears, filled with fears unknown. To No one in particular person or moment, but to a lifetime of moments, feelings.. I write to let shit go.

I am 36 years old and this year has taught me the biggest lesson with a domino effect of more lessons. QUARANTINE. It taught me that nothing in life is permanent and it brought a whole new meaning to " In a split second it can all be taken away". One word powerful enough to destroy " one nation, under God". It took us to be Powerless, Tied down to be able to understand we were the problem all along.

The world had to slow down, so we could discover what we were doing. So I could rediscover who I was.. and the truth is I wasn't ready.

Stay Tuned... Next Dear No One Journal Entry.

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