Dear No One 6.23.20

I wasn't ready but God knew I needed this rediscovery of me.

I cannot undo the past or make it never happened.I cant. And if you don't realize that soon, you can spend too much time apologizing for an action God already forgave you for. I am human, and I commit mistakes. Now my issue, is not the act of " committing mistakes" but in apologizing for them for too long.

Sometimes we ask for Love, from the ones who are incapable of giving. I say that to say , one can not give what they do not have the capacity for. Love is measured in so many ways but always at the capacity to what you can give.

The one person that needs to believe in you, is you. No one else can give you what You need. And when you feel like your drowning, when everything in life is going wrong, know that its time. Time to get yourself together. To Pause. Take a Deep Breathe. and Reflect. Then work on yourself.Fix what can be fixed, improve your weaknesses and build up that strength. And if that is not hard enough. Be ready to outgrow who you are, to become who you were meant to be.

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