I have been wanting to create my own space for awhile now and I wanted to create a space for me to blog and have to focus and just create. Unfortunately budget plays into the factor of why I have not created my glam office or beauty room. So, I made a decision to not let me stop me and although its not the best glam office ever but its my own space created all on a budget and with homemade things. So lets begin!

I am a big fan of second hand things, as a little girl I was raised with my grandma and aunts going to thrifts stores all the time and i loved it! You can find so may great items, cheap, vintage, antiques etc. And now in age you have craigslist, Ebay, Facebook marketplace, garage sales etc. SO in true me fashion, I searched for desks all over and ended up finding the desk above for $50 bucks! The same desk is at IKEA for about $150 bucks and it was in great condition I have no complaints. There was one little corner that had a little chip and nothing a black sharpie could not fix HA! Then , I orginally had planned to see what I can find at Micheals since I had the 50% off coupon butttt I had seen Hobby lobby and had never been there SOOO i stopped! Omg I fell in loveeee however we will discuss later on lol. Long story short I ended up purchasing the wall sconces, two frames, clip board and the little desk wrack all under $50! How? well all the frames right now are 40% off so it worked out perfect. As you can see below these are some of the times I got.

Simple yet Chic!

This, was a canvas I had purchased a few years back for $4 that I had collecting dust in the closet. Because my budget was limited I decided to use it however it was too boring and with no life so I decided to recreate it. I tested out a Sharpie and began to create and TADAAA! DECOR ON A BUDGET!

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