God's Plan

There are days when you wake up empty, with not much in you to give. When you feel you have no idea what you are doing in life because it all feels wrong. Most Of us would give in and let stress win. I, learned another way. I find that when I am really overwhelmed, if I just talk to God and tell him exactly that “ I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know what to do, I know you have plans for me so just help me not focus on the now and remember there is a purpose. And I know sometimes in the process of being tested, we think or don’t feel like he’s listening or responding but to that I say this.. “When you’re in school, teachers never talk during tests.

The teachers have prepared you for weeks with assignments, lectures etc so when your being “tested” It’s God seeing if you’ve learned the lessons. One thing I know for sure is that man has NEVER left my side even when I wasn’t always faithful, God was too me. So when he’s silent, don’t assume he isn’t there, he’s watching you to see what you’ve learned and TRUST that he isn’t waiting for you to fail. In fact the complete opposite, you are being tested because God knows when you’re ready and he knows what you can handle. KNOW THIS: One thing about God, he never sets you up to fail, because even on the hardest fall, a lesson is learned and the reward is even bigger.

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