Hey Momma, I see you.

I think this is probably the hardest part for a mom really. You wake up every day trying to teach your children, well - anything really. While trying to stay afloat and chase your own dreams in the midst of storms. Storms being bills, work, relationships, health. It's a job in itself as a mom to find balance to do it all and somehow still find time for yourself. After reading this, Hell! it almost seems impossible and exhausting just thinking about it LOL. Life is hard, but never impossible because its filled with endless possibilities.

I know its easy to get discouraged but Keep going. Remember, nothing great comes easy, have Faith over Fear. Consistency is key in all you do. My uncle used to tell me " Whatever your job is be the best at it,". If you are a dishwasher be the best damn dishwasher there is, hard work will always pay off. Not on our time, but in God's. Just as we can feel pain, he can see our sufferings and his gifts and blessings are bigger.

So Shout out to you, for being Brave in mothering, relationships and any new journey you have begun.

Happy Saturday Loves!

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