How Are you Today?

How are you Today?

I woke up motivated today and with a lot on my mind, I know I know nothing new. I did wake up with the mindset of creating content and just either making a video, blogging, something! I had a few different ideas in mind for today but honestly with our current situation I figure why not ask a very real but hard question. How are you?

I have spoken to several of my friends, family and coworkers in different situations around the world and a lot are heartbreaking. A good friend of mine who has a big family herself was already reduced to part time hours of work and even with that she is barely making ends meet. Another close member to me who currents works as a full time sitter has no income currently due to children being out of school. Life has changed for many instantly. Within seconds, days the entire world lost control and was put in situations no one was ready for.

Were hanging in there. I’ve taken on the rule of cooking daily, watched Netflix shows, Why did I get married about a million times and oh I know play bejeweled and solitaire a lot. My toddler has had plenty of meltdowns and moments of me saying WTF to myself x10. House full of boys who would love nothing more than to sleep all day and I’ve gotten great at waking them up early ( moments they hate) but at this point I am just trying to keep life as normal as it can be.

Face Time with friends and family has become the new norm and helps just to get the daily reminder you are not alone in this chaos and we are all struggling. We adjust and get into the rhythm and flow of whatever life throws at us with the small but still existent positive thought that “It will get easier and it wont last forever.

Here’s to that. Sending Love & Prayers to all.

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