My Son Ran Away. #brokenmoments

The only purpose of this video is to share this story of Faith and to give a little bit of hope or encouragement to anybody going thru a tough time, being a mom is never easy and it's okay to not be okay sometimes.

A few months ago, I went through something that changed me forever. It took me to a place i had never been too, and placed a fear in me I had never experienced. As a mom of four boys ranging from ages 2-19, I have always been pretty hard on them because I was a single mom. Raising boys I figured I had to be tough and hard making sure they were raised correct. I can tell this story now and laugh, because I have always considered myself a strong person but I do have oneeee weakness. Yes, all mothers are weak for their children but because I have raised them alone for so long I am very overprotective of them and guard there hearts over mine. As a mom, we want our kids to be raised with both parents and not have to experience a broken relationship but unfortunately things happen . So when I refer to being broken, in this video I tell you my story about my son running away and the emotional journey that took me through.

The more we speak out, the more we reach those in need and I say that to say this, I had to learn how to be crucified and still smile and it was not easy but I did it. I went through the motions, I had some really shitty days and dark thoughts but as much as my boys are my weakness, they are also my strength. I grieved when it ached, I cried when it hurt, and through the process of healing I mended. We bend, but we do not Break. #Riseabove #BuiltforHurricanes #MyboysMylife

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