If You've been REJECTED, (READ THIS!)

Everyone at some point in life, faces rejection and failure. However, I think we all have this completely #WRONG idea about What rejection is. We MISUNDERSTAND it. #Rejection is NOT an indication of #VALUE or talent. It does not measure your #WORTH and it is not a curse. We must change our #Mindset of how we view rejection and see it as a learning experience. We all learn lessons sometimes more than once and to be honest I have learned more from rejection and failure than from simply being accepted. You must be able to #Accept rejection and #REJECT the idea of being accepted by everyone.

I read this quote that said If you live for people’s acceptance of you, then you will die from their rejection. -LECRAE. It is meant to test you, see how you handle the failure. Its not a closed door, or a definite No. Think of it as a redirection; an opportunity to try again. We must get used to rejection because it is part of life, just understand it does not mean give up instead redirect.

REJECTION: You will always be too much of something for someone; Don’t apologize for being who you are as long as you are TRUE to you. Your worth is not measured by who or what rejects you. @shadesofher

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