In Support of Puerto Rico

Ricardo A. Rosselló. “Governor, Puerto Rico Demands Your Resignation,” the island’s largest-circulation daily newspaper, El Nuevo Día, said in an unusual front-page editorial on Monday.

Reading the above, caption in disgust, who knew, Ricardo A. Rossello could be worse than Trump! As a Latina, I have always grown up with so much love for my roots, and I think I can speak for many when I say " We Latino's are Proud of where we come from. I may have not been born in Puerto Rico but my roots began there.

My Heart hurts for Puerto Rico right now , as we were humiliated by a man who was supposed to Lead and did the complete opposite. Enough is Enough, and as I stated before, not only are Latinos proud but we know how to #UNITE. Hate and Darkness, can not drive itself out but Love can. And I could not be more #Proud of our people right now because united as one we will achieve greateness again. #PRSTRONG

"Good will always, Triumph over evil."


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