“It’s okay to cut out TOXIC family of your life.

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Reality Check:Blood is not thicker than peace of mind.

When your younger, you are naive to the actions of others because what you see is what you believe to be true. Your raised to believe that " Blood is thicker than water" and that family always wants whats best for you. As you grow through childhood, you start to find your way and who you are. You realize that not everything is what it seems and that unfortunately family may not always know best.

In the past few months I've had members come and go from our family, and not just in passing. You begin to realize, who is there, who is not, what matters, what doesn't. As someone who has never gone by "he said, she said" I base my thoughts on your actions because they can always speak louder than words. As grown woman, adult, mom I have come to realize and accept that family can be toxic too and blood does not make you family. There is a reason God says " We are all brothers and sisters. In that realization I've had to distance myself for peace of mind because like Lisa Nichols one said 'hurt people hurt" and sad people make others sad, Don't take it personal just do better and move on. So this letter to my family and friends was just something I felt in my heart to do... and I urge any of you to not let anyone steal your peace of mind. Put you first, because you can not be of service to others if you cant do for yourself.


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