I have been wanting to do a review on this product immediately after two weeks. I think I am going on a month now of using the product and I absolutely love it. I have definitely noticed a change, a huge improvement to the point that I feel confident enough to not wear Foundation daily!!

Now, with that being said I have never had any acne issues so I can not tell you much about that, however I can say that if you are looking for soft, radiant, healthy looking skin then this is your product! My skin was dull, I had a lot of redness and blemishes it just was uneven too me and since I started using this product I am IN LOVEEEEE. It does come with a Night Transformation Gel & Daily Moisturizer which to be honest in the beginning I did not use much. I have begun to use the daily moisturizer now after I apply the serum just for a lock in but honestly it does not need it. With that being said, the moisturizer is good, I cant say i love it yet just because I have not used it alone without the serum. As for the gel, I have used it a few times but I think that's just harder for me to see a change or difference in especially If I am not consistent with. But again, the Truth Serum I truly believe is the TRUTH! and the product alone is $72 (OUCH) I know but TRUST as someone who is all about cost savings this serum works wonders and is well worth the money. So if you have any of the issues disclosed, do yourself a favor, MAKE THE PURCHASE!

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