Women's Leadership Summit ( Leading your own Space)

I Had the opportunity to meet four amazing woman last week, at the Woman’s leadership Summit:

  • ~Phyllis Barajas, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Conexion

  • ~Lori Colineri, DNP,RN, NEA-BC Senior VP and Chief at RWJ Barnabas Health

  • ~Diane Hill, PHD Chancellor, University- Community Partnerships Rutgers- Newark,

  • ~Rita Marty, VP of Advanced Security Architecture ATT&T Chief Security Office.

Four completely different women, with there own story to tell of why and how they became who they are today. One thing I love and stuck out to me is, we always see other woman & men as inferior to us if our roles are less. We act, as if it makes us worth any less but what these women pointed out is that behind every successful woman or man is a tribe of other #Women & #Men who have helped build who they are.

Now to give you a bit of stats, Women constitute a majority of the U.S. population, we are 50.8 percent of the world.Women earn more than 57% undergraduate degrees and 59% of all masters. 48.5% are all law degrees and 47.5% all medical degrees while 49% are specialized in masters.

And yet...

Even with holding 52% of all management - professional level jobs, American women lag substantially behind men in terms of our representation in leadership positions. In legal profession, we have 45% of associates but only 27.7% of partners and 19% equity partners. In Medicine, we represent 40% of all physicians, and surgeons but only 16% of permanent medical school deans.

Those stats were taken from the U.S. Census Bureau , "Quick Facts" and my gosh was that a reality check. As a mom of 4, student, full time worker etc etc because the list can go on! But my point is I struggle to understand how we can handle more than our " fair share" and yet men are still in lead. Why? It is not because they are smarter, however I have gathered that men unlike women, know their worth. Men do not settle and always aim high. Which to be honest, as one who is a firm believer in the laws of attraction, one of the main things is Thoughts become Things. Men believe they deserve it , while us women overthink or honestly just settle for less because we are too afraid to ask for what we deserve. And that ladies, is the only true difference between a women and a man (Think about it) so on that last note i leave you with this.

The key to success is to learn from EVERYONE! MALE OR FEMALE. You win by learning, supporting, mentoring and building others up no matter what stage you are in life we all can learn from one another. Remembering: No one is you, and that's your super power.

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