Your doing what Again???

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We never know where we will end up in , life is definitely a roller coaster of up and down events . One moment its exciting and you feel your on top of the world. Then you have other moments, when you feel the drop and everything comes crashing down.The one thing I know for certain, is that no matter what Life goes on.

On that last note, we have two options in this life.. Live or Die. To Die, for me means to just let yourself go completely and settle for whatever comes your way because your just living until you don't. But, If you choose to live, then that means LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! It means chasing your dreams, believing in yourself, going against all odds and doing what sets your soul on fire.

I am years YOUNG! and here I am going back to beauty school!!! To many that might sound crazy, insane, stupid, some may thing get over it your too old. However, Thank God I do not rely on the opinion of others because what others think of you is none of your business. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but as we know Opinions are not Facts. So yes! damn right I am going back because I MESSED UP! but now I am doing something about it. Age is nothing but a number and I will live out my live Fearless in the pursuit of my happiness and if your smart, you will learn to do the same. You get to decide. I choose Life. I choose Love. I choose me. I choose happiness.I choose to follow my dreams with Faith leading me, I walk Fearlessly, What do you choose?



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