Your Pain is Valid.

We all have those days right..where you can question everything. When you allow doubt and insecurities to get the best of you. When the world, just feels a little extra heavy on your shoulders and all you want to do is give-up. Now, I can not tell you what to do but I can tell you from experience, It is completely OK to not be okay. It happens sometimes. If fact, to be honest it happens a lot, like clockwork. I know the pain at times can feel debilitating when its non stop back to back. It is exhausting, like a coaster we fall, then rise then fall then rise, emotionally & Physically it drains you. Everyone handles pain differently and no one persons pain is less or more pain.We are human, we bend.. we get cuts, bruises, scrapes it's all a part of life.Your trauma is valid.

No matter who you are, I believe we all have a story within us to tell. I read this great quote that said "The Key is to Bloom where you are planted". You may not be at where you want to be in life but your life has purpose. I believe nothing happens to us, it happens for us. God knows what you need and don't. He also knew we were going to be messy at times, its the reason perfection does not exist. Pain is inevitable yes but healing is undeniably real which is why it's okay to be a mess, we are human.

Sometimes, there is sadness in our journey, but it just makes us appreciate the beauty that much more. So never doubt how far you have come, your not a mess, you are human.

Sending you Strength & Love for the days you need it.

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